The Commercial Cleaning Company to Call for Quality Floor Stripping and Waxing Services

Your floors need some TLC, too. How about stripping the floors and applying wax to them instead? To keep your floors looking great, consider hiring Schaffner Cleaning: Carpet & Commercial as your go-to commercial cleaning company for floor stripping and waxing services. We can properly strip the floors and apply wax to them. Our services are available to commercial clients in the Hinesville, GA area.

Why Strip Your Floors?

Floors can easily get dirty. They get dirty from people walking on them, and they get dirty from all the debris that people drop on them. So, by having them stripped once in a while, you can keep them clean and always looking their best. It’s good to keep the floors looking great as it’s the first thing that people see when they enter your establishment. When the floors are clean, it can help keep your business establishment looking clean. What else would you need to keep your floors looking great? Book our floor stripping and waxing services today!

We Can Strip and Wax the Floors for You!

Our floor stripping and waxing services promise spotless results, which is why we’re considered the best ones in the industry. With our skills and expertise, we can efficiently strip the floors, making sure we don’t cause any damage to the surface of the floors. We’ll be using industry-grade tools for the stripping process. We’ll be using special stripping solutions that are guaranteed safe for all the materials used in your commercial establishment. Of course, we’ll also use the right wax for the floors, making sure that it’s the right type and that it’s compatible with the material used on the floors. With our help, you’ll have shiny floors in no time.

Schaffner Cleaning: Carpet & Commercial is the commercial cleaning company to turn to if you need help with floor stripping and waxing. Do you have floors at your commercial space in Hinesville, GA that need to be stripped and waxed? Give us a call at (912) 403-4753 today so we can start right away!