Tips on How to Ensure You Get Your Deposit Back

Useful Tips Offered by a Moving out Cleaning Service Provider

Moving out of your home can be hard enough, however, you may not be given your deposit back should you leave a mess. So unless you are willing to pay for a professional cleaning service, you will need to know how to prepare for an inspection, in order for you to get your deposit back without incurring any damage penalties. Remember to contact all your utility companies, to inform them that you are moving out. Also, take out any nails or staples you stuck into doors, ceilings, or walls. Use a magic eraser, and walk through every room to remove any marks on the floors, doors, or walls. Warning, before using the magic eraser, remember that some will take the paint off a surface.

Cleaning the kitchen

Fill the sink using detergent and warm water, this will be used to clean the surfaces in the kitchen.

Refrigerators. You will need to first remove the shelves and drawers, and either put them in your dishwasher or wash them manually. Use a sponge to clean the interior and exterior of your refrigerator and freezer. Make sure you remove any food which has built-up. Also, remember to clean the little compartments housing the eggs and butter. Once this is done, and you have cleaned all the shelves, put them back in the refrigerator and leave the door slightly open.


One good way is to use an oven cleaner, however, this will greatly depend on if you have ever cleaned the oven whilst living there. Always read the directions carefully, as most oven cleaners will need protective gloves and goggles, not to mention good ventilation, these steps are very important for your safety.

Put an old newspaper directly in front of the oven, this will stop any dripping from the oven cleaner. Apply the cleaner to the interior of your oven, and any drip pans should be sprayed also. Leave this to sit for at least 24 hours, after which time a sponge and paper towels can be used to wipe down surfaces.

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